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Teresa Lewis

 Mindset Coach, Speaker

and Facilitator


Teresa is a mindset coach, speaker and facilitator who challenges her clients and audiences to get inspired, be intentional and live a meaningful life.  She is an engaging speaker who will leave your audience inspired to take steps toward their dreams.


After spending 20 years in the corporate world with a majority of time in human resources leadership roles, she launched her own business in 2007. Now, she makes an impact on individuals, organizations and audiences of all sizes.


Teresa is a 7 Mindsets certified trainer and she received a Train-the Trainer certification through Peak Potentials.  She is currently the lead consultant contracted with North Dakota State University to develop, market and manage an executive education/leadership program for businesses across the region.


Teresa is a self-proclaimed optimist whose feet are planted in the real world.  Teresa and her husband are both self-employed, juggling several business ventures and full schedules. They live in Horace, ND, with their two teenage daughters and they are “lake people” at heart who love to spend time at Lake Lida in Minnesota.



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July 19, 2013

The Mindset Revolution


What do you get when you bring people together from the all over the US, London, Trinidad, Nigeria and more (!) to learn about the mindsets that matter? You get bright sparks of creativity, ongoing doses of brilliance, dream teams and unthinkable energy and synergy.


What is this mindset revolution?


There is a mindset revolution happening throughout the world and I’m all in to help lead the revolution! What started as a mindset revolution to teach teens about the mindsets that lead to a life of fulfillment and success is now coming to the workplace! I’m in Orlando to get certified as a 7 Mindsets trainer … what an amazing experience!


We have adults and teens here from over a dozen different countries and numerous states! The collaboration, idea generation and learning is incredible. The 7 Mindsets challenge each of us to live our ultimate life and make the world a better place. Many adults are at this Ultimate Life Summit to bring the 7 Mindsets into their schools (including my two new friends, a principal and a counselor from the West Fargo middle schools!) while my mission is to bring the 7 Mindsets to the business world.


This is infiltrating Red River Valley in a big way. There are numerous organizations bringing the 7 Mindsets to our region. What is this all about and how did this revolution ever reach the Red River Valley? Check out the video and the blog article below for more info:


Stephanie Johnston interview


Project-Mindset article


 What those links don’t mention is the initiative to roll this training and coaching out to the business world. Through NDSU’s Executive Education Program, we will offer the 7 Mindsets at Work to leaders at any and all levels. We are working on event dates and will keep you posted!


Any questions or comments, please contact me!


Until then, be the master of your mind, rather than at the mercy of your mind!



June 25, 2013

Inquiring minds want to know…


Inquiring minds want to know … what professional development do you need to keep growing and on top of your game? What does your team need? What speakers/authors/experts would you like to see brought to the FM area? Please share your opinion at one of the following survey links:


If you are a decision-maker in your organization as it relates to professional development for all levels, please take this survey: https://ndstate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6YzVAWY9PP0SdzT


If you are seeking professional and personal growth (yet aren’t in charge of others in the organization), we would love to here from you in terms of what could benefit you: https://ndstate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_4184GdZtBJpg7fD


We appreciate your input and look forward to creating an Executive Education Program that will impact our region’s leaders for years to come!



June 10, 2013

Those people that get under your skin at work…


Have you ever had someone really get under your skin at work? They bug you with their actions, words, noises and more?? Yes, I’m guessing we’ve all been there. But, have you ever stopped to think that YOU might be bugging someone else with your behavior? How would you know? Here are four quick points to consider …


1) Be aware of how your behavior affects others. We all know the Golden Rule; treat others how you want to be treated. (Even though we know it, doesn’t mean we do it!) What about taking it beyond to the Platinum rule? Treat others how they would want to be treated. This can be trickier if you don’t know the person very well, but this is a great way to build relationships with your co-workers.


2) Be kinder than you need to be! Don’t let someone else’s response dictate your behavior. If Joe doesn’t say hello in the hall in the morning, instead of jumping to the conclusion that Joe is rude, consider that maybe he had a sleepless night, or he’s facing a scary health diagnosis.


3) Take note of the sounds you are projecting! Do you hum? Talk to yourself? Chew ice? Sigh? Snap your gum? If you are not aware of any annoying sounds you make on a regular basis, ask your friends and family! They’ll be sure to help shed light on anything you need to know!


4) Could you have a scent or a smell that is causing a problem in the workplace? More and more people have allergies to perfumes, colognes, plants and air fresheners, so be a bit cautious. And, what about body odor? That brings back some unpleasant memories from my HR days! Notice the effect you and your surroundings have on others and, if you need to, ask a trusted friend for honest feedback.


A little inventory of your own practices and behaviors can go a long way. Now, if only your co-workers would do the same…



May 29, 2014

Executive Education Program at NDSU!


Smart people know they are never done learning! In this spirit, I am privileged to share an exciting announcement with you about something coming soon that will make a positive impact on the region …


I’ve recently started working with NDSU to create an Executive Education Program for business leaders throughout the region. This is a unique offering in the area; a non-credit program that caters to business leaders to help build their strategic capabilities in their organizations. With more thriving businesses in the FM area and surrounding communities, we all benefit.


At this point, we are conducting Needs Assessments with area business leaders to determine how we can best meet your needs. (If you want to provide input on the development of this program, I would love to hear from you; please contact me!) We can conduct the Needs Assessment in person, over the phone or virtually via an online survey.


Based on what we are learning so far, we plan to offer programs around the topics of operational excellence, culture development, leadership development, team dynamics, conflict resolution and much, much more.


Watch for programming coming this fall targeted to mid-level leaders and emerging leaders. We anticipate programs for executive level leaders rolling out soon as well.


If you have expertise to offer, or would like to recommend someone to contribute to this program, please let me know. We are accepting proposals from business experts, industry consultants and speakers to make this a transformational program.


We look forward to sharing more details as we progress!



April 16, 2013

5 Ways to Make a Horrible First Impression


Love it or hate it, for many of us, networking comes with the territory. If you are on a mission to make a memorable first impression, then take these tips to heart when attending your next networking event:


1) It’s all about the food, so make that your main focus. Be sure to eat something messy so you end up with food droppings on that nice outfit. Ideally, something will end up stuck in your teeth.


2) If it’s not all about the food, then it’s definitely all about the drinks. Use all drink tickets in the first half hour, then beg your new friends for theirs. Always hold the cold, wet beverages in the hand you shake with. That’s sure to leave them making notes on the back of your business card.


3) Close the sale before the night ends! You are not there to build relationships, you are there to close deals. In fact, ask for their credit card when they offer you their business card.


4) Hand out brochures to everyone in a 10 foot radius. What you are really saying as you are passing out brochures to people you don’t know is “Here, will you take this and throw it away for me?”


5) Pre-record your 60-second commercial on your smart phone. It’s monotone and boring anyway, so you might as well save your breath for closing the sale.


Okay, if you follow these tips, your first impression will be memorable, but definitely not favorable! If you really want to make a favorable first impression that leads to lasting relationships, then don’t take that advice! Do the opposite and build relationships that last!


Upcoming events to help you get the networking edge:

“How to do Business After Hours” Thursday, April 18, 3:30 – 4:30 (FMWF Chamber members only)

“Networking, Relationships and Results” Tuesday, April 30 and Thursday, May 16 (check my events page!)








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