Fundamentally Female Katie Dilse

Katie Dilse


Katie Dilse, national keynote speaker, captivates audiences to live a heart-warming life through her electrifying personality and can-do spirit! She naturally charges others to fine-tune their priorities, and embrace their challenges with gusto and grace.


 This bubbly, people-person raises four sons in one of the nation’s least-densely-populated counties and she grabs the task by the horns and thorns!


She’s courageous. She’s determined. She’s quick-witted. You’ll love her! This sensitive and spunky storytelling mom lives in Slope County, ND - with her dear husband Stuart, and four sons Jordan, Connor, Warrick and Malachi.



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July 19th, 2013

Desire, determination… sports style


His team sprints from the dugout to take the field.

Looking side to side, he studies the empty dugout.

He can’t ignore the empty feeling in his gut.

He’s warming the bench. for another season

But, his heart burns with desire.

Put me in coach.


He wants to play. THIS season.

Not another one from the dugout.


Finally, the moment of trust arrives.

“Take the pitching mound,” his coach demands.


He is so ready.

Ready to bring heat.


He prepared for it.

He pictured it.

He talked about it. Envisioned it.

He is ready.


He takes the mound.

Pitch. Strike.

Pitch. Strike.

Pitch. Striiiiiiike.


He’s throwin’ smoke.

Fans holler.

Someone believed in him!

He believes in himself.

He feels great, and he lets it show.


At the top of the last inning, he’s digging deep in his mental game.

Coach pulls on this young man’s burning elbow and slaps his aching bicep.

“JD, I know you can do this.

You can.

Do it.


Do it.

Just over the plate.”


He was prepared.


He was successful.

But, mostly, he was humble.


Seasons change…

But the desire stays.

This time it’s the football field.


He looks great from his sharp-looking uniform.

But, he waits from the sideline.

football sidelines


Through many series.

Through many games. Through much of a season.

Yet, he perseveres.


Late at night, I hear the weight bench snap. I smell his sweat.

I see a young boy turning into a man.


So when the time finally comes to take the football field.

He is ready. So ready.


Defending the football. nothing can get through.

The nose guard next to him is muscular. Strong. Dependable.

That brute forces a fumble, so the football lays at the 22 yard line.


Like a bear to a honey pot, the kid you normally see on the sidelines charges.

He one-hand grabs that pigskin and runs.


And runs. With every ounce of energy he can muster. Across the entire football field.


He runs with his legs.

But really, his soul has all the strength.

football touchdown


Running. For a touchdown.

For the ultimate feeling in football.

To make a moment for his team.

To run from the taste of defeat – to relish in the deliciousness of victory.


He was ready.

He was prepared.

He was successful.



Sometimes it takes time on the bench.

basketball bench


To be part of a winning team.


It takes a burning desire

to work through rejections – to win.


It takes falls – to stand tall.

It takes 2nd place – to appreciate first.

It takes walking through open doors – to go somewhere new.


We must believe in ourselves.

Take chances.


Prepare now and embrace opportunities to make the game of life the very best it can be!


You never know when the moment you’ve prepared for… the moment you’ve drawn in your mind… is staring you straight in the eye and its up to you to MAKE it HAPPEN!


Leave the bench – and go get it!



May 21st, 2013

How Driving Miss Halie began!


Hang on tight! This fast-paced world is brimming with opportunity!

We race to get where we’re going… and race to get home!

We pile our speeding tickets in a drawer.


But, when cancer rings – everything stops.

To listen.


At my end of the receiver were four young boys who needed their Mom.

At the other end, a devastated friend.


Embracing her life-changing news, this friend became a hero. Grasping faith. Holding onto hope. Optimistic.

We all smiled. We all cried.


Quickly we rallied.

She had a freezer of food -

drivers for chemo -

friends to sit with her –

a supportive work staff –

a family of love.


As a busy Mom, I had to think unconventional.


So begins: “Driving Miss Halie”


Driving: the hero’s daughter…


She’s sweeter than a pan of brownies…

She’s as wholesome as a truest friend…

She’s honest. Pure.

She needed a distraction. I needed her!

So we drive. Together.


It’s our Wednesday ritual.



We forget about cancer.

We forget about worry.


(I take that back, we worry about the sunroof. Open or closed!)


We roll the windows down. We roll them up.

We play the music loud. We sing even louder!

We dance behind the wheel. We share a pretend microphone.

And. oh. do. we. laugh!!!!


We cruise to meetings and to the grocery store.

We cruise to church. and she helps me sing.

We bake. Together.

We swing through the bank drive-thru. just to spread love!

We hang out in the car wash. just to see the purple bubbles.

We drive semi. so she can blow the horn. And I can see her react!


Finding the right words, or the best way to help a friend in need – takes one thing.

Our hearts.

When we live and we give from there – we’re truly gifting.


If you love cooking: then take a warm meal.

If visiting is your thing: then stop in.

If your faith is your guide: then pray together.

If you life is already full to the brim: find something that works for you.


Whatever you do…

Just do something.


Then… do a little bit more.

Stretch your comfort zone.

Live deeper.

Take risks.


It’s not just cancer patients who need our help.

Oklahoma tornado victims. New Moms. Retired nurses. Teachers. Ministers. Shift workers. Health care providers. Nursing home residents. New people in our communities. High School graduates. Preschoolers.


It’s the hearts who are hurting. It’s the hurt in us.

We must reach out… and give. We must accept.


With an outstretched hand, you can hold so much!

You hold the opportunity to love deeper than you ever thought imaginable! And… watch your world brim with joy, with love, with gratefulness, with fullness!


Instead of feeling caught in a whirlwind life, you’ll feel the wind at your back – pushing you to live your very best life.


It’s the kind of wind that puts our sails in motion!


So… Open up – and let the sunshine in!



May 16th, 2013

Mother’s Day… with my 5 Guys. So blessed.


Two tubes of used lip gloss. The permanent ink was worn off. The applicator bent. But, it was wrapped with a bow.


Given from his heart.


It was the annual “teacher’s cleaning their desks” rummage sale – and the boys had packed cash. A lot of cash. They cleaned their piggy banks, and there were inter-loans within the home. They were on a mission.


And I was the lucky recipient!


They set the stage for the perfect Mother’s Day. They’d talked about it for weeks, and it seemed all 5 of my guys were in on it. And to be quite honest, I’d looked forward to it for 365 days! I love that day!!! Don’t you Moms?


Mother's day lip gloss...


We devote our lives into our kids.

We make their hearts part of ours.

We give and give… and give deeper yet. To the point of collapse.


We marvel when they make choices – the right ones.

And we’re there to guide them through the wrong ones.


My sons are so tightly wound within my heart – its hard to let them go.

To school. To the park. To a sleepover. To camp. To driver’s ed.


But, they are simply a gift. From God. And its up to us to savor every minute with them.


To accept the used lip gloss, brush it on our lips, and put it in our purse.


To wear the homemade crown. To the park? When we pick up our kids from school? To work?


I just know, we must keep the crown. In a very safe spot. Because it says the words Moms love to hear: “World’s Greatest Mom.”


His gift... made with love.


So many times I’ve wept at my Mother’s grave.

I’ve vowed to miss church on Mother’s Day because I know I’ll just weep there, too.


I stay away from the Hallmark section during May.

Once, I made the mistake, and my tears ran.

But, the lady next to me was holding that tear-stained card, and she understood.

She’s been there. She actually ended up holding me, too.


Moms teach us young ladies how to be the “World’s Greatest Mom.”

She showed patience.

She taught me how to drive a grain truck, and was there when I over filled it.


She showed unconditional love.

She taught me to always take a stand, but picked me up from detention.


She tried to teach us self control.

But, it was ok to sneak rolos from her candy cupboard. She’s said chocolate does wonders.


She made us feel worthy.

She taught me how to apply makeup, but said I’m more beautiful without it.


So… for me and my guys.


My teen

He’ll be driving soon. I’m ready.


I'll hold his hand as long as he lets me.

I’ll hold his hand as long as he lets me. Right now he loves it, but I know that will change.


I'll play catch...

I’ll play baseball, basketball, and football. I usually catch balls with my face.


toothless wonder

We’ll check for loose teeth. Because he’s still my baby.


I wear the pink lip gloss – just a light coat.

I’ll take them for ice cream – on special occassions.

We’ll teach them to be independent – and the growing pains independence brings.

But together, we will grow.


thank God for him.

And I will love their father with my whole heart. He’s really easy to love! And, Father’s Day is just around the corner!



May 6th, 2013

Dirt…. dirty… we need more AXE!


“Why did Grandpa have to die?”

“How many seconds in a year?”

“How many Super Bowls have the Falcons won?”

“How deep are the roots of a 20 foot tall tree?”

“What is Europe like?”

“Why isn’t she nice to me?”

“Mom, he makes me feel awkward. I don’t know how to talk to him.”


In a 20 minute window – they fired all of these questions! BIG picture observations. In a fast-paced world, it’s tough to create the right place for kids. Somewhere they can really talk. So you can get to what’s on a kids’ mind, or what concerns them.


Creating an environment without pressure. A place they are not rushed. Or distracted. Where they feel open to talk, but not cornered.


Engaging brains… and creating space for the tough conversations. We do it on the farm.


They are so busy, they forget we’re working on their hearts. Not just the job ahead of us.


farming together... building tomorrow


No video games. No phone interruptions. Just us. And a little dirt.


You only need one thing: a rake. or a hoe.


The best conversations happen in the pumpkin patch. In the tractor. In the garden. Driving semi. Or cleaning closets.


It’s asking, “hey, you’re terribly crabby. What’s up?”


“I miss Dad,” one of the little Guys say.


I agree. It’s springs work on the farm – long days, short nights. “So do I, but you don’t have to pounce on your brother. It won’t get Dad home any sooner.” suddenly, he gets it.


The real dirt on raising kids: its not easy. But. With the right fertilizer and favorable conditions, the crop will surpass all of your greatest yield dreams!


Get rid of the weeds. the bad influences

Water often. spend time together

Watch for identifiable know the dangers

Keep your eye out for pesty rodents. usually, you can smell them

Cultivate your soil. your future

Plant good seeds. watch them grow








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